Circus Klezmer

In a village in Eastern Europe which is neither near nor far, in a time which is neither present, past or future, a great feast is being prepared. The villagers are very excited and run here and there juggling, performing acrobatics and getting up to all sorts of mischief... because it's going to be a very special day. Framed in time, in one of those photographs which we sometimes see in our mind's eye, the Circus Klezmer Wedding is being celebrated.Circus Klezmer is a magical synthesis of circus disciplines, a well-defined plot and characters, all to the accompaniment of live klezmer music.

(…) greatest shows not only feed on love and good intentions and the Circus Klezmer is one of them: due to the overflowing imagination with which they weave a splendid plot from a few cardboard boxes, to the exact definition of some characters which hardly speak, to the exceptional acrobatic, wire-walking and juggling scenes, to the fantastic setting of the story they tell, to the surprises they offer to us, to the always present live music, to the laugh (…) Lovely. (EL PAIS - Spain)