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Harriet Kjær

Harriet started to make her first violin at the early age of fourteen, in a little workshop in Denmark, where she was an apprentice for 3 1/2 years. There she laid the foundation for a life of passionate violin making and restoration.

She joined the Newark International School of ViolinMaking for a three year scholarship after which she worked at the Lise Jørgensen workshop in Copenhagen.

In 1999 she opened her own workshop in the town of Nantes, France, where she developed a great reputation for restoring and improving the sound of modern and antique instruments.In France she specialized in double basses, and was well renowned in this area.

July 2010 she opened a new workshop in Barceloneta, where she continues dedicated to restore, repair and service instruments as well as rent and sell instruments, strings, and accessories.

In November 2019 Harriet transferred her workshop to Arenys de Mar, one of the main municipalities of Maresme. Arenys de Mar is situated on the coast between Caldes d’Estrac and Canet de Mar, about 30 kilometres north-east of Barcelona.

The instrument rental section of the workshop will be handled by her assistant and long term collaborating workshop Alejandro Gonzalez, in Mataró

Harriet Kjær