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By appointment only

Minor repair and bow rehairing

The instrument is the musician´s tool to music.
The work of the luthier is to allow the musician to use his instrument without difficulty, with the easiest and most pleasurable playability and sound.

In order to achieve this, the instrument needs to be serviced regularly to stay in good condition.

This will avoid any cracks or minor problems to develop, therefore also avoiding expensive repair costs and/or irreversible damage to the instrument.

It is advisable to consult a luthier once a year for cleaning. (Never use homemade polish or other product, even those sold in music shops or on internet).

Once the instrument is free of dust from everyday use, it can be thoroughly inspected, revised, re-glued, the varnish retouched and the tone improved.

We also perform light bow repair and rehairing, with white, black or mixed hair of highest quality within a delay of 24 hours.